Wiz Khalifa Claps Back With “F**k Kanye” At Concert: Watch

Carl Williott | January 28, 2016 9:58 am

After a night to let emotions stew, the Kanye WestWiz Khalifa beef is back on. Wiz brought the beef offline and into the real world at his concert in Argentina last night (January 27), yelling out “Fuck Kanye” during his song “Taylor Gang.”

Kanye vs. Wiz:: Twitter fingers were very busy

The feud started a few days ago when Wiz accused West of appropriating the term “waves” for his new album. Kanye responded Wednesday with a long series of tweets destroying Wiz, including a few crossed lines with shots about Wiz’s ex-wife (and Ye’s ex-girlfriend) Amber Rose and their child. Rose then shut things down with a dart about West’s penchant for, uh, butt play, and that was that. Until Wiz reignited the beef on stage.

Not a death blow, but hey it’s better than “Wanna Know.” Watch the clip.

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