Zayn Malik’s “PillowTalk” Single: Review Revue

Bianca Gracie | January 29, 2016 1:11 pm
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Zayn Malik’s debut solo single,“Pillowtalk,” caused a frenzy last night (January 28) as fans couldn’t hold in their squeals and tingles for the singer’s breakout tune. It marks Zayn’s official musical departure from One Direction, and will prove how solid the beginning of his newfound solo stardom will be.

In our post, we said the former boy band member is all the way grown up: “With ‘Pillowtalk,’ Zayn makes his bid not only as a viable artist outside of One Direction, the band he quit just 10 months ago, but also as a swoon-worthy crooner setting up stakes on the same block where Miguel and Frank Ocean live in music land.”

So how do other music industry critics feel about Zayn Malik’s latest musical effort? Read what they had to say down below!

:: The Guardian broke it down: “It is a deliberate – and understandable – step into a more austere artistic guise. He is a verified adult, an adult with adult urges, volatile emotions and a girlfriend who cries tears of blood.”

:: While Entertainment Weekly compared it to that other male pop star: “The song is reminiscent of the echoing, pop-R&B production found on Justin Bieber’s Purpose, and is certainly different from Malik’s output during his 1D days. ”

:: Billboard had this to say: If ‘Pillowtalk’ is anything to go by, Malik has left bubblegum pop behind. From here on, its slick R&B.”

:: Forbes also did the 1D comparison: “The song is a downtempo electronic affair which sounds much more R&B than the pop/rock that the singer peddled during his years in One Direction”

:: MTV was a fan, stating it “eclipses all expectations for just how libidinous his music could be. The loud, sexy track has F-bombs and heavy beats galore, but Zayn’s vocals stand front and center, shining on one hell of a towering chorus.”

:: Vulture wrapped their post with this: “And the R&B-tinged earworm is the catchy enemy and ally of a debut you might have been hoping for.”

:: Lastly, E! Online simply said: “There aren’t any crazy beat changes or drops. There aren’t any insane vocals. It’s steady. It’s smooth. And it’s super sexy.”

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