Beyonce’s New Single Is *Possibly* Called “Formation”

Mike Wass | February 1, 2016 4:07 pm
Beyonce & Naughty Boy's "Runnin' (Lose It All)" Video
Beyonce's surprise Naughty Boy collab "Runnin'" is utterly sublime. Watch.

The Bey Hive is currently experiencing a serious case of deja vu. With Beyonce poised to take the stage during Coldplay’s Super Bowl set on Sunday (February 7) and social media buzzing with rumors of clandestine video shoots and new music, you can’t help but feel that it’s 2013 all over again. Of course, that was the year Queen Bey headlined Super Bowl and tortured fans with mysterious snippets before changing the game with the December release of self-titled.

Only this time around, fans are determined to stay one step ahead. As soon as news leaked that Bey was filming a music video on Los Angeles’ skid row, The Hive descended on the scene looking for clues. They’re also monitoring the internet with more scrutiny than the FBI. And appear to have uncovered the title of the 34-year-old’s new single thanks to the loose lips of a director’s son and a Parkwood Entertainment story board.

“My dad shot two new Beyonce videos and met Jay Z I’m jealous,” @WhatTheKasim tweeted. “Apparently there’s gonna b a Beyonce song called formation or something.” That’s pretty thin, but then a resourceful fan seemingly confirmed the title by dusting off a pic of a story board for the “Drunk In Love” diva’s Made In America set with “Formation” on the setlist. That lead to chatter about the song being released as the first single from Beyonce’s sixth LP, which is completed according to collaborator Boots (see his deleted tweet below).

Time will tell if “Formation” is legit or another in a long line of fictional Bey tracks that never see the light of day (hello, “Donk”). Happily, we won’t have to wait very long. Videos have been filmed, tour dates are being negotiated and the album is reportedly in the can. B6 is almost upon us.

The Hive’s clues regarding “Formation”:

Boots spills a little tea on B6:

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