Florrie’s “Real Love” Video: Watch A Preview & Hear A Few Seconds Of The Song

Robbie Daw | February 3, 2016 2:49 pm

Those whose curiosity was piqued earlier this week upon the news of “Real Love,” a brand new, major label single coming  from Florrie, will be jazzed to know you can hear a snippet of it in the video preview below.

Directed by Emil Nava, the full video is set to premiere on February 5. That’s in two days, for those few folks who don’t have the calendar app. The single itself will be out March 25 through Xenomania Records/Epic.

After taking a listen to the full song earlier this week, we called it “a nice little mid-tempo synth-pop number — nothing unexpected there — with a throbbing electronic pulse and a big chorus tailor-made for radio.” But it wasn’t until this video preview clip that we noticed the overall Charli XCX-iness of the chorus.

Now we know.

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