Kanye West’s Album Is Untitled Again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Carl Williott | February 4, 2016 10:57 am

Kanye West‘s seventh album, out in just a week, is back to being untitled. The February 11 project was initially announced as So Help Me God, before being switched to SWISH and then switched again to Waves. But during his radio interview with Big Boy this morning (February 4), West revealed that the title is once again up in the air.

His wife Kim Kardashian‘s Twitter poll asked followers to choose between the three (So Help Me God was the clear winner) but it appears that was just meant to test the waters. My theory is that this is all misdirection before he reveals it’ll be called Good Ass Job as a bit of fan service for those who miss the spirit of his college trilogy. And considering this LP’s “ultra light beams” and “gospel” descriptions, it would seem to be the natural next installment of that collection.

West also addressed his beefs and rivalries during the chat. The Wiz Khalifa dustup was indeed started because West assumed “KK” meant Kim Kardashian and not Wiz’s weed strain. And it was Ye’s pal Malik Yusef who brokered the phone call between the two that ended the feud. As for Drake‘s “Summer Sixteen” lyric dissing his pool (I got a bigger pool than Ye, and, look, man, Ye’s pool is nice/ Mine is just bigger that’s all I’m saying), West’s simple rebuttal was “I have three pools.”

Anyway, based on his recent tweets he’s already focusing on next week’s debut of Yeezy Season 3 and KW7 at Madison Square Garden.




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