Beyonce Is “The Greatest Alive” According To L.A. Reid

Mike Wass | February 5, 2016 3:53 pm
Beyonce's New Single Is Called "Formation"?
According to the ever-knowledgeable Hive, Beyonce's new single is called "Formation."

Legendary producer/Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid sat down with Huffpost Live to talk about his new memoir Sing To Me and was asked if he thought Mathew Knowles pushed Beyonce too hard as a child. “There’s a case to be made about Michael Jackson that’s very similar to what you’re saying about Beyonce,” he began. “Beyonce is the greatest alive. Period. She is the queen and she sits on a throne and she’s almost unchallenged. Michael Jackson sits on a throne, he’s probably the greatest artist maybe ever. So, whatever their parents did was right. They nurtured the artist that became the greatest of all time.”

The hitmaker also spoke about working with the late, great Whitney Houston. “When I met Whitney Houston she was already the biggest star in the world,” L.A. reminisced. “I mean, the greatest singer for sure. She’d already had her first two albums, massive hits and she was a global pop star.” He then explains what brought them together. “The timing was great because there was something she was looking for and there was something we were looking for.”

“We, meaning my partner Babyface and I, we did everything together. We were looking to work with the greatest singer of all time and Whitney Houston was that to us,” the man who discovered Usher, Pink and Meghan Trainor continued. “And she was looking to be a little hipper and a little edgier and a little more urban and we fit the bill. So it worked out really well and we got a big hit called ‘I’m Your Baby Tonight.’

Watch the full interview, which contains fascinating anecdotes about most of the artists L.A. has worked with, here.

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