Noel Gallagher Is Still Shading Adele At Every Available Opportunity

Mike Wass | February 5, 2016 4:19 pm
Pop Perspective: Adele's "Hello" Reviewed
All four Idolator editors rate and review Adele's massive comeback single "Hello."

Noel Gallagher can’t stand Adele’s music and he’s making sure everyone knows it by relentlessly shading the chart-topper in interviews. “Adele? I’m not a fan,” he tells British GQ. “She always comes on the radio when I’m having my cornflakes: ‘Hello? No, fuck off!'” That’s actually quite polite in comparison to previous remarks. “If someone wants to know what I think of Adele, I’ll fucking tell them,” the former Oasis member told MusicFeeds.

“Not because I have any sort of agenda or because I’m trying to whip up any kind of hysteria,” he continued. “I just don’t see what all the fuss is about. I don’t like her music. I think it’s music for fucking grannies.” Oh, and let’s not forget his rant in Esquire magazine. “Who gives a shit what Ellie Goulding is up to? Really? Adele, what? Blows my fucking mind,” Noel fumed. “It blows my fucking mind. Nobody cares!”

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