Whatcha Say: Azealia Banks, Rihanna & Beyonce Got Our Readers Talking

Bianca Gracie | February 5, 2016 8:00 pm
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We’ve finally reached the weekend, Idolator readers! The past few days were filled with major music moments, which kicked off with FOX airing their Grease: Live musical (click here to read our recap).

Rihanna‘s ANTI rollout caused a stir after it was certified Platinum, Lady Gaga will be tributing David Bowie at the Grammys and Earth Wind & Fire‘s Maurice White passed age at age 74.

On Idolator’s end, we premiered a performance by Ariana & The Rose, interviewed LAUV, rounded up our latest Silent Shout, celebrated the 30th anniversary of Janet Jackson‘s Control albumgraded all of Colplay‘s albums and also ranked the band’s 20 biggest hits.

And of course, our readers spoke their minds on the going-ons in the frantic music world. Read some of the best and shadiest comments below!

:: James doesn’t buy the Beyonce hype on Beyonce Is “The Greatest Alive” According To L.A. Reid: “after all these years, I still don’t quite get her hype. She’s a great entertainer for sure, but that’s all. Lets look over her discography to determine what’s great. Because for me, the only standout track she has ever done solo, is crazy in love. She doesn’t have the type of music like Michael, or Madonna, or Janet, or Mariah, or Whitney, or even Celine Dion to be considered the greatest. Hell, even JLO has had some better hits and albums than this lack of an artist we call Beyoncé.”

:: Zee had a request on Rihanna Joins Massive 2016 Grammys Performers Lineup: “Let the gods allow her to sing Love On The Brain- instead of chanting Work(work- wuh-wuh) 88times!”

:: CA_Dreamin couldn’t believe it on Jessie J Says She’s “Celebrated As One Of The Greatest Singers” In America: “Why does this always happen? You start to mildly like a pop star and then they just go delusional on you”

:: Jay was over it on The Bey Hive Had A Field Day With Rihanna’s Underwhelming First-Week Sales: “Fans like this are an embarrassment to everyone else who would never resort to such immaturity.”

:: He also had an awesome reference on The Weeknd, Big Sean & Fifth Harmony LPs Certified Platinum & Gold Due To RIAA Changes: “You get a certification! You get a certification! Everyone gets a certification! It’s apparently that easy now.”

:: Burk Kyler shared this opinion on Kesha’s Mom Accuses Dr. Luke Of Blackmail: “I’m honestly more shocked it took 15 writers to write Timber, like damn this songwriting thing is out of hand. I think Kesha and her mom could be nuts, but I find it odd, if not suspicious that Dr. Luke piled on all these writers so Kesha and her Mom couldn’t make much off the song. Also I find it hard to believe that he won’t let her go from her contract, but we saw how long JoJo’s music battle was and lord that was AWHILE.”

:: Mark has some advice for Queen Bey on Beyonce’s New Single Is *Possibly* Called “Formation”: “I’m a huge Beyoncé fan. But I have to agree with some of the comments here. She has been so EPIC for the last little while, that it almost needs to settle down. Even if she can outdo herself (how?!), it’ll still be the same general effect: “look at her dominate it.” And however fun that it is to witness, it is still more of the same (wonderful) ole. Not saying that she shouldn’t release new tunes. But I think we may have reached peak Beyoncé. Whatever her upcoming marketing strategy, she needs to factor this in.”

:: Lastly, Fan4Me had this to say on Azealia Banks Readying New ‘Slay-Z’ Mixtape (And Will Vote For Donald Trump): “She wasn’t as obnoxious here as I would have expected, but she can still choke on his toupee.”

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