Lady Gaga Rehearses The National Anthem Ahead Of Super Bowl 50: Watch

Christina Lee | February 6, 2016 11:02 am
Bruno Mars At SB50
It's true! Bruno Mars will join Coldplay and Beyonce during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Lady Gaga was spotted yesterday (February 5) by Sky7 HD rehearsing “The Star-Spangled Banner” ahead of her opening Super Bowl 50 performance.

The raw video doesn’t include audio, though you can still get a clear idea of how her live rendition will go. Mother Monster is on a stage shaped like the top half of the NFL logo, while stagehands behind her hold an American flag for everyone at the top of Levi’s Stadium to potentially see.  Gaga gets dramatic as she throws her head back, as if summoning up all her energy to hit the U.S. national anthem’s most triumphant notes.

Later, Gaga appeared on the NFL Network to talk her performance—a childhood dream fulfilled, as she tells it. She told host Nate Burleson that she is drawing inspiration, above all else, from Whitney Houston‘s seminal live rendition in 1991. “When I was little, I used to stand at the top of my staircase and sing along with her version at home, she says. “The more I would sing it, [the more] my dad would sing, ‘You’re getting pretty good, kid.'”

Below, watch the raw video of Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl rehearsal and her interview with NFL Network.

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