Bonnie McKee Addresses Barrage Of Leaks: “Please Stop”

Bonnie McKee Interview
Bonnie McKee talks starting over, her 'Bombastic' EP and songwriting stories.

Over the past couple of weeks a steady stream of unreleased Bonnie McKee tracks have surfaced online (“Tough Enough,” “Restless,” “In The Wild” and “Diamonds” to name but four) — much to the singer/songwriter’s disappointment. “Hey friends & fans, much as I appreciate enthusiasm 4 unreleased music, when u leak a song u kill it’s chance of getting released,” she tweeted this morning (February 8). “Please stop.”

The writer behind Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me” has been releasing music independently since parting ways with Epic Records. “I’m Indie by choice because I knew if I signed with another label right away, it would be another year before I could put anything out,” Bonnie told Idolator in July, 2015. “With all the legality and all the red tape and all the opinions. I just had stuff I wanted to put out right now.”

In addition to self-releasing fiery pop anthems like “Bombastic” and “Wasted Youth,” the “American Girl” hitmaker has been busy writing songs for other artists including Charlie Puth. She co-wrote Nine Track Mind highlight “Up All Night,” which was written between head stands in the studio. (See video proof below!) Bonnie recently debuted a new track called “Speed Of Light” during a live performance in NYC, so new music is definitely on the horizon.

Bonnie’s message to fans:

Bonnie & Charlie’s head stand competition:

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