Nile Rodgers Stands Up For Beyonce’s “Formation,” Shares A Photo Of His Own Activistism

Mike Wass | February 9, 2016 3:35 pm
Beyonce's Politically Charged "Formation" Video
Beyonce addresses police brutality and Black Lives Matter in her "Formation" video. Watch.

Beyonce’s politically charged “Formation” video has sparked a major backlash from racists for highlighting police brutality against black Americans. (The message is simple and timely: “stop shooting us”). Chic legend Niles Rodgers has thrown his weight behind Queen Bey’s quest for equality by sharing a picture of his own activism. “I love @Beyonce song #formation,” he captioned a pic of him protesting with the Panther 21 trial. “That’s me standing in #formation outside the NYC courthouse. I was 16 yrs old.”

“We were so optimistic back then,” the producer behind Lady Gaga’s “I Want Your Love” continued. “The world we have now is nothing like we imagined.” However, the 63-year-old also had nothing but praise for Beyonce. “And just for the record: @Beyonce is one of the nicest, well mannered persons I’ve ever met. Let alone being a mega artist,” he tweeted. “I 1st met @Beyonce at this #VH1 Divas I music directed for @DianaRoss.” See Nile’s tweets below.

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