Beyonce’s Super Bowl Slip Becomes Internet-Conquering Meme

Mike Wass | February 9, 2016 5:37 pm
"Formation" Mistaken For "Run The World"?
Bey's Super Bowl performance of "Formation" mistaken for "Run The World (Girls)."

It was the semi-slip that stopped a nation. The split second where it looked like Beyonce might fall flat on her butt at the Super Bowl in front of a global audience of 160 million. Of course, Queen Bey wasn’t about to let gravity ruin her moment and she miraculously recovered and continued to do what she does best. Slay. However, the near-catastrophe became headline news and, inevitably, an internet-conquering meme.

A creative genius has put together a video called The Beyonce Bounce, which has racked up 18 million+ views in less than 24 hours. The clip begins with the 34-year-old’s Super Bowl slip being played on a loop, before the footage is superimposed on a trampoline, an exercise class and even a retro video game. Even when she messes up, the “Formation” hitmaker still wins! Watch the hilarious clip below.

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