Pr0files’ “Abuse U (Feel It)”: Idolator Song Premiere

Robbie Daw | February 11, 2016 11:00 am

We kept up with synthy, L.A.-based duo Pr0files by including their music in our Silent Shout and New Sensations columns in the latter half of 2015, and popped their “Empty Hands” video onto the site in November. Today, however, Idolator is premiering a brand new cut by the pair, “Abuse U (Feel It)”. The very sexual, Prince-like track appears on Pr0files’ forthcoming debut album Jurassic Technologie (out February 23).

We asked the duo about making the album — particularly what sound they were aiming for when they set about recording.

“Sonically we are going for a very dreamy, ethereal vibe mixed with dance music,” Pr0files member Lauren Pardini tells Idolator. “We’re massive fans of French electronic bands like Air and Daft Punk, as well as the songwriting of ’70s and ’80s in American music. The album concept is inspired by the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles. It’s a museum of oddities that has an otherworldly feeling that matches the feeling of falling in love accompanied by ultimate heartbreak on this album.”

Danny Sternbaum of the duo continues: “We produced the album ourselves and recorded it mostly at our studio in downtown Los Angeles, as well as in our own homes. Since we’re generally producing the songs as we write them, it’s easy for them to come together entirely in the studio — although some of them were written on piano first. In some cases there is little difference between the demo and the official album version.”

Ultimately, the pair were beyond pleased with the final product, Jurassic Technologie.

“We always like to say we make music that’s a mix of depression and disco. The outcome is all that we dreamed of sounding like,” says Pardini. “It’s a mix of gritty, sexy and sad. What surprises us is how every song comes together so differently. Some songs are collaborative from the very beginning while others we work on completely independent from one another and put our ideas together later on. The fact that we produce them ourselves often means there can be 10 different versions of a song which is the side of us no one gets to see, except once in a while bits of these versions sneak out in our live show. It can be fun to go back and listen to old sessions and see how the songs have evolved.”

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