Azealia Banks Supports Beyoncé’s “Formation,” Calls Out White Feminists

Bianca Gracie | February 11, 2016 2:39 pm
Beyoncé Releases "Formation" Merch
Twirl on the haters with Queen B's new collection.

Beyoncé‘s “Formation” single and video have caused a lot of unnecessary controversy as a slew of white political figures and journalists are expressing their unsolicited confusion thoughts on the singer’s underlying racial, #BlackLivesMatter message.

Ever speaking out on various political and cultural issues, Azealia Banks decided to tackle the “Formation” argument while rightfully calling out white feminists. “No shade I could honestly throw up in a box watching all these white women go in about the damn formation song,” the “Ice Princess” artist tweeted. “And honestly look how as soon as Beyoncé decides to embrace her blackness and love herself the whole white feminist world turned on her.”

Recently, Nile Rodgers and Big Freedia (who lent her voice to the track) cosigned “Formation.” On the flip side, an anti-Beyoncé protest is planned for New York City on February 16 and Rudy Giuliani said the singer’s Super Bowl halftime performance was an “attack” on police.

View Azealia’s pro-Beyoncé tweets below.

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