2016 Grammy Awards Nominees: Meet Our New Picks Based On Old Favorites Like Taylor Swift & Kendrick Lamar

Ryan Carey-Mahoney | February 12, 2016 11:22 am

Like James Bay? Meet Leon Bridges

Both of these dudes know how to sing, obviously, and do so with a folksy/soulful charm not a lot of male musicians can meld well together. But like a bay under a bridge (forgive me), they each bring their unique something-something.

Like The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind The Madness? Meet Rihanna’s ANTI

Ok, ok. You definitely aren’t meeting Rihanna for the first time here — but that doesn’t mean you want fall for her all over again. Gone are the party bangers and tequila shots and in comes the love buried at the bottom of your cup, the drunk texts and, of course, the hangovers. Both of these albums will make you question every last decision you made, tears and all. Case-in-point? Rih’s booming and pleading “Higher.”

Like Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”? Meet The Sweeplings’ “What Have We Become”

Ed has a way with words that few other pop stars do and this is no exception. “Thinking Out Loud” was the sentimental smash, for all the warm and fuzzy reasons. Enter “What Have We Become,” an emotional ballad from the American folk-pop duo that complements the former. These two just feel right together.

Like Tori Kelly? Meet Halsey

Killer hair? Check. Killer Pipes? Check. Everything for these seemingly difference ladies is a check. Both know their way around a melody and have the catalogues to prove it. Halsey’s debut BADLANDS LP is surely in the same realm as Kelly’s Unbreakable Smile and, luckily, we get to occupy that realm, too.

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