Pharma-Bro Claims He Was Scammed Of $15 Million For Trying To Buy Kanye West’s ‘TLOP’

Christina Lee | February 14, 2016 9:35 am
Your Obligatory Kanye West Thinkpiece
Kanye West and the social media experiment. Our thoughts on the 'TLOP'-era thus far.

Earlier this week, pharmaceutical company CEO Martin Shkreli offered Kanye West $10 million for his new album The Life of Pablo. This wasn’t just for a copy of the record, but so that he could be the sole owner for an “exclusive ‘no-shop’ period,” similar to when he bought the only existing copy of the Wu-Tang Clan‘s A Better Tomorrow for a reported $2 million.

“This figure is materially above any realistic album sales forecast given to me by third-party experts,” he wrote in a letter, as he increased his offer to $15 million.

Now, not only did Kanye release The Life of Pablo to the public for download, but Martin claims that he was robbed of $15 million from someone claiming to be “KANYES [sic] BOY.”

Leading up to Kanye’s Saturday Night Live performance, Martin said that the deal was inked: “Got the album. Photos soon.” He even said that he consulted the rapper on his late-night set: “Texted Ye that he only allowed to play the leaked half of the album.” Once SNL wrapped, however, he freaked out, claiming that he paid someone named Daquan for The Life of Pablo via Bitcoin: “CALL THE POLICE THIS IS [sic] BULSHIT.”

In a live chat that he hosted moments later, Martin was also visibly upset, pouting as his friends tried to contain their laughter. “I just hope that everyone enjoys this fucking album,” he says.

See Martin Shkreli’s tweets claiming he was scammed of $15 million below.

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