Pitbull Features Robin Thicke, Joe Perry And Travis Barker In “Bad Man”: Listen

Christina Lee | February 15, 2016 10:55 am
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While Pitbull is rarely heard alone, his latest gang of featured artists must be heard to be believed.

New song “Bad Man,” released on Valentine’s Day, features Robin Thicke on vocals, Travis Barker on drums and Aerosmith‘s Joe Perry on guitar. And this time, instead of toying with some form of Southern hip-hop, EDM and/or Latin fusion, the Cuban-American rapper is doing arena guitar rock with a bit of swagger. Pitbull is as mischievous as always, saying he loves girls who do Dirty Dancing, though it’s Joe’s crunchy riffs and Robin’s ohh ah, ohh ah‘s that really set “Bad Man” off.

Speaking of the “Blurred Lines” singer, he says on Twitter that the whole gang will perform “Bad Man” at the Grammy Awards tonight (February 15). Listen to the studio version below.

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