Anti-Beyonce Protest In New York City A Bust, Pro-Beyonce Rally Attracts Large Turnout

Mike Wass | February 16, 2016 4:00 pm
Beyonce's Politically Charged "Formation" Video
Beyonce addresses police brutality and Black Lives Matter in her "Formation" video. Watch.

So much for the Anti-Beyonce rally outside NFL headquarters in New York City. The protest against the game-changing diva’s Super Bowl performance (she had the nerve to sing black pride anthem “Formation”) was a total bust according to onlookers, attracting one confused passerby. However, the Anti-Anti-Beyonce rally attracted a much larger turnout. Attendees used to opportunity to express their support of Queen Bey and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Many protesters used Beyonce lyrics to get their point across. “In the age of (in) formation ignorance is a choice,” read one poster. “Say Her Name,” read another powerful poster with the names of murdered black women. The impact of “Formation” is nothing short of incredible given that the song has not been released on iTunes and the video is still set to private on YouTube. See pictures of the anti- and pro-Bey protests below.

The Anti-Beyonce Rally:

The Pro-Beyonce Rally:

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