Kanye West’s “Fixed” Version Of “Wolves” Leaks Featuring Sia, Frank Ocean & Vic Mensa: Listen

Carl Williott | February 17, 2016 12:31 pm

The timeline of Kanye West‘s “Wolves” is a microcosm of The Life Of Pablo‘s entire rollout. The song first premiered during his Yeezy Season 1 fashion show a year ago, billed as the opening track off his new album. It featured Sia and Vic Mensa, and those two joined West to perform the track at the SNL 40th anniversary special. Despite high demand, a CDQ version of it was never released. And that was the case up until the album dropped over the weekend. However, the “final” version featured Frank Ocean in place of Sia and Vic, along with new Kanye verses. The CDQ “Wolves” hunt was over. Except it wasn’t, because hours after T.L.O.P. dropped, Kanye tweeted that he was still going to “fix” the track.


And now that apparent “fixed” version has surfaced. It features all three artists in addition to West, but his new verse has been excised and Ocean’s verse now kicks things off instead of closing the song. Some clattering percussion was added, and Vic appears over the update production, which suggests it’s authentic, but the Sia part feels sort of edited on at the end, which suggests it’s bogus.

Who knows what to think anymore. Hear the purported “Wolves” 3.0 leak below and come up with your own theory.