Whatcha Say: Kanye, Natalia Kills, Hilary Duff & Gaga Got Our Readers Talking This Week

Robbie Daw | February 19, 2016 7:30 pm

What a week to be alive, pop music fanatics! We had The Grammys! We had Kanye West‘s first album in three years! We had news of Britney Spears‘ first album in three years! We had, um, the turn of Natalia Kills, reincarnated as Cruel Youth! We had the return of Pet Shop Boys! We had Kanye calling Taylor Swift something nasty! (Business as usual on that front.) And we had Kesha going to court to find out what’s to become of her career.

All of this pop flibberty flabber naturally got our readers in a dither and spilling the tea. Below, we rounded up some of our followers’ thoughts on the past seven days of music goings-on.

:: Gregory got into quite a conversation with Idolator editor Carl Williott on Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo: Album Review, and started things off with this: “I’m not sure why no reviews are mentioning that the last four songs are actually bonus tracks, and that Pablo actually ends with Wolves. This makes every review patently misguided in how to approach the album in the first place. The album is actually very concise, sprawling only in its vast array of sounds, but generous for adding four tracks to the end of what would be a 39 minute album. And if he hadn’t caved to Chance’s request to include Waves, it would have only been a tight 36 minutes, which is exactly how it was played at Madison Square Garden, and how it works best in retrospect. That way Freestyle 4 (the other Yeezus holdover) is followed by even more darkness rather than a reprieve. Waves sounds great on the album, but I think it flows even better without it. Remember, Kanye promised an even more designed album than Yeezus, and his definition of design is stripping away the layers until you have the perfect product.”

:: SoSaysDan was cautiously optimistic about Britney Spears’ Ninth LP Is “80 Percent Done” And Was Influenced By The Weeknd (Seriously): “I’m beyond excited about this… but i’m so tired of hearing managers and publicists describe it as Britney ‘sounds like’ some other random current artist. I want something fresh. I want Britney to sound like NEW BRITNEY.”

:: Leonard Valladares was feeling Natalia Kills Resurfaces As Cruel Youth: Listen To New Song “Mr. Watson”: “She may have a terrible attitude, but that song’s amazing. Trouble is still one of my top 5 favorite albums ever.”

:: Jay wasn’t in the mindset for Zayn Debuts Mind Of Mine Album Cover & New Song “It’s You” Live On Tonight Show: Watch: “It reminds me of those horrible memes where Disney princesses have tattoos and piercings or even the ones with Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Just tacky.”

:: Burk Kyler sipped tea after reading Kanye West Calls Taylor Swift “Fake Ass” In Audio Of Purported Backstage SNL Rant: “He is really pressed over Taylor Swift, the incident happen in 2009… hurt feelings for sure.”

:: James added, “In his defense… Taylor Swift is a fake ass.”

:: misteriousveiwerwoman was understanding over Hilary Duff Says Music Isn’t Her Top Priority: “I Don’t Have The Time To Put In”: “I understand, and she does work pretty hard and do motherhood, and do other things. I’ve never felt neglected as a Hilary fan. She works pretty hard, her music is pretty good,and she has many things on her plate so, respect! Her album was also heart breakingly honest and pretty personal too.”

:: Nathan Lyles co-signed the sentiment on Nile Rodgers Defends Lady Gaga’s David Bowie Grammys Tribute: “I think he has a point given that he has actually worked with Bowie, his son may only know him as his persona down the stage.”

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