All Saints’ “One Strike” Is Easily One Of 2016’s Best Pop Songs So Far: Listen

Robbie Daw | February 23, 2016 9:39 am
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All Saints were for most Americans a passing footnote in ’90s pop — a one-hit wonder who were different from Spice Girls, but unfairly lumped in with other girl group knock-offs of the period. That’s a shame, because among the slew of fantastic singles the UK ladies sent up the charts in their home country was “Pure Shores,” one of the best turn of the millennium pieces of pop that truly deserved its day in the sun on our shores.

All Saints have managed to tap into the same musical magic that made “Pure Shores” so enthralling with comeback single “One Strike,” a mid-tempo synth-pop number that finds the ladies are still in fine form, despite not having released an album in nearly 10 years.

“The phrase ‘one strike’ is about how your life can just change in one instant,” All Saints member Shazney Lewis explained last month in an i-D interview. “You can be walking down the road, you’ve just left your family at home and everything’s hunky dory, then when you go back home they’re gone. On one side of the door your life’s amazing, on the other side it changes just like that.”

“One Strike” will get a full release later this week, on February 26, while All Saints’ fourth album Red Flag is due out April 8.

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