Kanye West’s “Saint Pablo” (AKA “Closest Thing To Einstein”) CDQ Leaks: Listen

Carl Williott | February 24, 2016 9:53 am

UPDATE (4/14/16): Uh, in what has to be some sort of glitch, it’s now available for public stream via Apple Music right here.

UPDATE (3/31/16): Just as the New York Times confirms that The Life Of Pablo will be released on all streaming services on April 1, and that it’ll be periodically updated by Kanye for the foreseeable future, a CDQ version of “Saint Pablo” has surfaced. The track was originally debuted when West played it at an L.A. club in February (see the initial writeup below), and was dubbed “Closest Thing To Einstein.” It’s been trimmed by a minute to six minutes here, and it still features Sampha. Hear it below, courtesy of DDotOmen.

Welp, it must be real because we got a takedown notice.

Kanye West has called himself a god, and now he’s bringing Albert Einstein into the mix. West made a cameo at Yo Gotti‘s album release show in Los Angeles last night, and in addition to once again denying he likes fingers in his ass and reiterating his claim that Taylor Swift signed off on his “Famous” diss, he played brand new song “Closest Thing To Einstein” for the crowd. Based on the live rip, it features British singer Sampha and clocks in at over seven minutes.

So Many Kanyes:: West's wild journey from Polos to Pablo

West raps, “This generation’s closest thing to Einstein / So don’t worry about me, I’m fine,” and touches on everything from his Twitter outbursts to his personal debt (“I can’t say no to nobody / At this rate we gon’ both die broke”). There’s also an allusion to “We Don’t Care,” the opening song on his debut album, for the old fans. Built on a minor key piano line and some shuffling drums, it’s more of a structured, straightforward boom-bap song in the vein of “Real Friends,” placing it slightly out of step with much of The Life Of Pablo.

Hear a couple low quality streams of it below.

[via Noisey]