Sony Claims They’d Void Kesha’s Contract With Dr. Luke If They Could

Carl Williott | February 25, 2016 12:53 pm

With some of the biggest names in the pop world, including Lady Gaga and Adele, standing up for Kesha as she progresses through her tangled sexual abuse lawsuit against producer Dr. Luke, Sony has now kinda, sorta thrown some support behind the singer.

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“Sony has made it possible for Kesha to record without any connection, involvement or interaction with Luke whatsoever, but Sony is not in a position to terminate the contractual relationship between Luke and Kesha,” Scott A. Edelman, an attorney for the company, told The New York Times.

He added: “Sony is doing everything it can to support the artist in these circumstances, but is legally unable to terminate the contract to which it is not a party.”

Kesha is signed to Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records, which is a subsidiary of Sony, “through a separate deal with his production company,” according to the Times. Regardless of the contract specifics, part of Kesha’s suit includes claims that Sony turned a blind eye to Luke’s alleged abuse.

The statement comes just as Kesha supporters get ready to hold a #FreeKesha rally outside of Sony’s New York headquarters tomorrow (February 26).

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