Kanye West Rumor Check-In: ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Tour Is Imminent

Carl Williott | February 25, 2016 6:04 pm

UPDATE (5/3/16): Kanye called into the Steve Harvey Morning Show and revealed that he’s hoping to head out on tour in support of TLOP in September. (What about Turbo Grafx 16? And speaking of touring, what ever happened to that Yeezus tour film?). Do with that information what you will. Hear the whole interview below.


Kanye West is rumored to be plotting a tour in support of The Life Of Pablo. I see no reason why we should question the veracity of this news. A source “close to” West told Billboard dates for this tour “could be revealed within the next month.”

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Let’s just go along with this bit of info like we did with the rest of the TLOP developments. It’s not like West or anyone in his camp fed us false information before, like an incorrect album title or inaccurate tracklist or the wrong album release date or calling an album “finished” even though it’s still being tweaked. No, instead let’s just get blindingly hyped about the prospect of a Pablo tour which will undoubtedly be insane because A) consider how insane the album rollout was and B) consider how jaw-dropping his Yeezus tour was and C) consider that West also says he has a new album coming this summer so idk.