Amy Winehouse’s Dad Will Never Stop Going In On The ‘Amy’ Documentary

Carl Williott | March 1, 2016 12:21 pm

Amy Winehouse‘s father Mitch has been an outspoken critic of Asif Kapadia‘s Amy documentary, and after the film took home the Oscar for Best Documentary on Sunday (February 28), he refused to soften his stance.

“I am not changing my stance just because film won Oscar,” he wrote on Twitter. “It’s a negative, spiteful and misleading portrayal of Amy. We will fix this.”

By “fix this,” presumably he’s talking about his planned film about Amy (working title Letters To Amy) “which will feature friends, family, fans and famous people sharing letters, poems, songs or messages to the late singer,” according to the Associated Press.

After the Academy Awards, he also told the AP the Academy Award winner “has no bearing on her life, apart from the fact she was born and unfortunately she passed away – everything in between is basically fabricated,” adding that the film paints an inaccurate picture of “a lonely, sad and very unhappy last three years” of the singer’s life.

“She had a wonderful boyfriend, they were planning to get married, they were planning to have children,” Mitch said. “She had wonderful friends. I’m not talking about the dregs of society that I used to go around and throw out in 2007-2008 – these were wonderful people that were with her.”