Sam Smith Adds “Money On My Mind” To List Of Things He’s Done That He Hates

Carl Williott | March 3, 2016 10:43 am

Sam Smith is on a media hot streak right now, just dropping clickbait quote after clickbait quote since his botched Oscar night. After announcing a Twitter hiatus and saying he hated his Academy Awards performance, the British singer has now revealed that he hates parts of his Grammy-winning debut album, In The Lonely Hour.

“There’s a few songs I really [expletive] hate, but then the core of the album, songs like ‘Stay With Me,’ ‘I’m Not the Only One’ — actually all the songs except ‘Money on My Mind’ — I really love and I’m really proud of the classic-ness of the way they sound, because I still listen to them now and I still love them,” he told the Associated Press recently.

I would say dude’s his own toughest critic, but then one look at the internet disproves that right quick. Though he ultimately softened his stance on the 2014 release, he clearly has moved on.

“I still love my album, but I’m loving my new one [expletive] more,” Smith said, adding, “It’s [expletive] great. It’s really deep [stuff] that’s coming out — that’s all I’ll say.”