Dr. Luke’s Sister Says The Producer Has Hired A Crisis Manager And Doesn’t Leave His Home

Robbie Daw | March 3, 2016 4:27 pm

The whole Kesha vs. Dr. Luke case is, it goes without saying, a nasty, messy and all-around gross affair. Par for the course, the vast amount of quotes the Daily Mail wrangled out of Luke’s sister, Vezna Gottwald, this week add a new layer of ick to the whole situation.

Despite her proclamation that Luke “didn’t want me to speak out because he thought I would get too emotional,” Vezna, 44, told the Mail that the 42-year-old producer, who’s real name is Lukasz Gottwald, “is my little brother,” and proceeded to chastise pop stars like Lady Gaga, Adele and Taylor Swift for coming to the defense of Kesha.

“I find it horrendous there is no other voice other than hers being heard,” says Luke’s sister. “He is just not that sleazy producer that people are making him out to be.”

Vezna also reveals that Dr. Luke has hired a crisis manager, and “he has not been able to go out of his own home… I have a four-year-old and Luke has got a four-year-old and a three-year-old and it is like the children are going to have to grow up with this hanging over us.”

While criticizing the notion of Taylor Swift recently giving $250,000 to Kesha’s legal fund — “Taylor Swift gave all this money, but it is such a shame that real women that have suffered and gone through that, don’t get to see that money. She should have given it to a rape charity” — Vezna also touches on an interesting point that many have been wondering: Where is Katy Perry, who owes a large chunk of her discography’s production to Luke, in all this?

“Not one person is speaking out for him and that’s terrible,” laments the producer’s sister. “I’ve been thinking, why doesn’t Katy Perry stand up… she is his friend?”

One could argue that the silence on the part of those who Vezna thinks should be defending Luke is deafening, and perhaps telling.

Up next for Kesha and Dr. Luke’s court battle: Per Vanity Fair, a phone-conference appearance for Gottwald’s countersuit against Kesha won’t happen until May 5 in New York, while Kesha’s next scheduled court date is May 16 in Los Angeles, when a judge is to be updated on how the New York case is proceeding.

It’s going to be a long haul, folks.

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