Drake & Björk May Be On A New Version Of Kanye West’s “Wolves”

Carl Williott | March 7, 2016 9:49 am

Almost immediately after Kanye West‘s perpetual-work-in-progress album The Life Of Pablo was released on Tidal, West tweeted out that he would “fix” “Wolves.” If you’re reading this, then you’re probably aware the original version of the song that emerged in 2015 featured Vic Mensa and Sia, but the album version only featured Frank Ocean, and that the “fixed” version featuring all three of them leaked last month. But all that could be the warm-up to a version with Drake and Björk.

This is all based on a Snapchat from Cashmere Cat, one of the song’s producers. While the video has vanished, a Kanye To The user took a couple screenshots purportedly showing him listening to a version with the updated features.

wolves drake bjork snapchat
wolves drake bjork snapchat

Drake’s appearance makes sense, since the song was originally envisioned as the title track of a Kanye-Drake joint album. As for Björk, the arrangement is certainly spare enough and strange enough to fit in with her recent output — and we know she’s been working on new material.

[via Complex]