Beyonce Collaborator Boots Deletes His Twitter Account After Making Two Ominous/Exciting Statements

Mike Wass | March 9, 2016 3:47 pm
The Hive Clocks Rihanna For Shading Beyonce
Rihanna made the mistake of shading Beyonce on Twitter. Her TL is now a war zone.

UPDATE: Boots informed us that his comments have nothing to do with Beyonce. So there goes that theory!

Boots, the artist/producer behind much of Beyonce’s visual album, deleted his Twitter account last night (March 8) after making two ominous/exciting statements. “The world is going to change in an unfathomable way very soon,” he mused, before adding: “I tried to warn you.” It’s all very mysterious, but fans are interpreting his words as a reference to the imminent arrival of B6. After all, the game hasn’t been the same since the surprise, digital drop of Beyonce.

While the “Drunk In Love” diva’s new LP remains tightly under wraps, Boots hinted at his involvement in February by describing the music as “dope” on Twitter. There are rumors of Bey releasing an innovative “album film” with the codename Project Lemonade, but the concept has never been fully explained. Time will tell what the superstar has up her sleeve, but if anyone is capable of changing the world in an unfathomable way — it’s Beyonce.

Screengrabs of Boots’ mysterious farewell:

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