Niykee Heaton Teams Up With Migos For “Bad Intentions” Remix

Mike Wass | March 10, 2016 3:15 pm
Niykee Announces 'The Bedroom Tour Playlist' EP
Niykee Heaton returns with 'The Bedroom Tour Playlist' EP and SXSW showcase.

It looks like Niykee Heaton is going to have the last laugh. Dismissed by many as an Instagram model, the 21-year-old is about to drag the focus back to her (very good) music with a new mixtape and a coveted spot on UMG’s Music Is Universal showcase at SXSW. The Bedroom Tour Playlist, a collection of songs performed on her first headline tour, arrives March 18 via Capitol Records. While the tracklist is still under wraps, we now know it will include a collaboration with Migos.

The “Say Yeah” diva announced that she was teaming up with the hip-hop outfit for a new remix of “Bad Intentions,” the sexy title track of her 2014 debut EP, this morning (March 10). As for the rest of the mixtape? Well, Niykee literally has dozens of great songs to choose from. There’s gorgeous ballad “Infinity,” slinky bop “Devil” and unofficial theme song “NBK.” Oh and let’s not forget all those remixes and demos on her SoundCloud!


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