Ariana Grande Performs “Dangerous Woman” And “Be Alright” On ‘SNL’: Watch

Christina Lee | March 13, 2016 9:23 am
Pop Perspective: "Dangerous Woman"
The title track of Ariana Grande's upcoming third album gets rated and reviewed by Idolator editors.

Ariana Grande‘s latest single may be called “Dangerous Woman,” though she proved that she still has some growing up to do during the March 12 episode of Saturday Night Live.

That isn’t to say anything of the girl’s vocals: Even after special guest Larry David messed up her name while introducing her, she made the high, sustained notes of “Dangerous Woman” seem easy to sing when they aren’t karaoke-friendly in the slightest. But when Ariana performs live, she seems to shrink. And, if you’re going to use the talk box during a song about feeling like a dangerous woman, or do vaguely Madonna-inspired choreography during the carefree, ’90s R&B-indebted “Be Alright,” then you can’t do them half-heartedly, as if you’re feeling self-conscious all of a sudden.

Watch Ariana Grande perform “Dangerous Woman” up top, then check out “Be Alright” below.

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