UPDATED: Keri Hilson Third LP ‘L.I.A.R’ Announcement Now Reportedly A False Claim

Jordan Simon | March 14, 2016 3:19 pm

UPDATED: Previously, we noted that Keri Hilson dissed Ciara and Beyonce, when we should have stated that it was perceived by some that the singer appeared to have had separate feuds with Ciara and Beyonce. Keri and Ciara have since made amends publicly and in 2013 Hilson recorded a song called “Sorry” with Timbaland that was reportedly aimed at being an apology to Jay Z and Beyonce.

Futher to that, the Rap-Up.com report about a new album appears to have come from a “fake” press release. Hilson is not ready to release a new album yet.

In the last few years, Keri Hilson has made quite the name for herself, but not in the way you think. The R&B singer is perceived to have made jabs at Ciara and Beyoncé, and she once made a what seems like an on-camera diss at Kesha‘s music (by implying it’s not “real music” — watch here). Last summer, the singer prepped her musical comeback with the announcement of her third album, accompanied by two buzz singles, “Scream” and “100%.” However, performing in a near-empty arena did not bode well for her cause.

Now, though, Miss Keri’s comeback seems to be in full swing with the announcement of her third LP, L.I.A.R. An acronym for Love Is A Religion, the album is slated to be released later this year, marking the singer’s first LP in more than five years following 2010’s highly underrated No Boys Allowed. UPDATE: Rap-Up.com reports that a press release on the album is fake, and Hilson is not yet ready to release a new album. See above.

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