No, Madonna Wasn’t High Or Drunk At Tears Of A Clown Show

Christina Lee | March 15, 2016 11:23 am
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Madonna‘s erratic behavior during her Tears of a Clown show in Melbourne, Australia, had tabloids reporting of her “boozy onstage meltdown” — and she isn’t having it.

To refute those claims, the veteran pop superstar re-posted a fan’s Facebook comment on Instagram, arguing that those headlines by The SunThe Mirror and Metro were misogynistic. “How anyone could believe that she could execute her show, with the precision required to do so, and be intoxicated is beyond me. It’s called physics. It’s called logic. Use it.”

“Thank you for supporting me,” Madonna replied. “Too bad people don’t know the art of acting or playing a character. I could never do any of my shows high or drunk. And yes underlying all of this is sexism and [sic] mysongony which proves that not only do we not get equal pay bUt [sic] we are still treated like heretics if we step out of line and think outside the box!”

To wit, Madonna had taken the Melbourne show’s title quite literally. The Rebel Heart performer rode a tiny tricycle on stage while dressed as an actual clown, before she drank from several different bottles and told one of her bandmates to “go to the bar right now and pour yourself a nice big glass of go fuck yourself.” See her post refuting the tabloid claims below.

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