Watch Demi Lovato Perform “Stone Cold” In A Stranger’s House On ‘Corden’

Carl Williott | March 17, 2016 9:39 am

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Late Late Show with James Corden, the host decided to reprise a bit he did during one of his first episodes, broadcasting the show from a complete stranger’s house in L.A. After canvassing the nearby neighborhood for a suitable home base, they set up shop in the abode of one Natalie, and it’s there that Demi Lovato unleashed a roaring rendition of “Stone Cold.”

Watch Demi get her diva on in the dining room.

Lovato also squeezed onto Natalie’s couch, alongside Colin Farrell and Wanda Sykes, and chatted about how she was more nervous to perform in such an intimate space than she was to take the stage at the Grammys.