M83’s “Solitude” Is An Orchestral Oddity: Listen

Carl Williott | March 18, 2016 11:17 am

Whether or not any cocaine was actually involved in making M83‘s new album Junk, it’s shaping up to be M83’s demented coke album. Gone are the cinematic synthscapes of Anthony Gonzalez‘s earlier releases, and gone are the teen dream nostalgia rushes of his last two full-lengths. What lead single “Do It, Try It” and latest cut “Solitude” indicate instead is that he’s now mining overblown ’70s studio pop and ’80s movie soundtrack prog, the type of stuff you imagine being conjured in a room of people surrounded by white mounds and chattering teeth.

“Solitude” is easier to place on the M83 evolutionary path than “Do It,” with organs, pianos and lush strings swelling up and doing the emotional legwork instead of synth washes. It’s maybe what you’d imagine an ’80s James Bond theme helmed by Giorgio Moroder would sound like. What’s clear is Gonzalez is not taking the easy/expected route for his Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming follow-up, so you’ve got to respect that.

Junk is out April 8. Hear the latest taste below.