Gwen Stefani’s ‘This Is What The Truth Feels Like’: Review Revue

Carl Williott | March 18, 2016 1:29 pm

Gwen Stefani released This Is What The Truth Feels Like, her first solo LP in a decade, today (March 18). It’s already #1 on iTunes, so the people are certainly buying the pop icon’s truth. As for the critics, always a more skeptical bunch, they’re generally digging it, too.

Review:: Gwen Stefani's 'This Is What The Truth Feels Like'

In our review, we pointed out the album “flies highest when she doesn’t try to recapture the early aughts” on our way to handing out a healthy four out of five. But that’s our take. See what everyone else is saying below.

:: EW raved in its A- review. “At 46, the mother of three can sometimes sound like the world’s most glamorous high school sophomore, passing mash notes after study hall. But she wears her girlishness on her own terms, and here it feels truer—and sounds stronger—­than it has in years.”

:: The L.A. Times complimented the LP, noting “what’s surprising about the album is the clarity with which Stefani expresses herself. It also offers proof, perhaps unexpected, that at 46 she’s figured out how to adapt modern pop to her needs.”

:: People kept it light, as expected: “This captivating pop album won’t let you down, whether you’re looking for an uplift after a breakup, a hooky addition to your playlist – or, perhaps, a peep into Stefani’s new relationship.”

:: On the other side of the pond, NME had some more tempered praise for the LP in its 3/5 review, but concluded, “We can’t wait for the Blake Shelton break-up record, c.2037.”

:: SPIN handed out a 5/10, saying “the forces that pulled Stefani in so many directions on L.A.M.B. are spent; they’ve left her in pieces, and it might be time for the band…to get her back together.”

:: Consequence of Sound graded it with a C-. “Though she insists that she wasn’t out to make hits, the lack of a strong angle makes it feel like it was designed for mass audiences.”

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