Sky Ferreira Very Reasonably Asks You To Stop Bugging Her About Her Album

Carl Williott | March 21, 2016 9:48 am

In the age of Twitter and with the illusion of direct access to artists, there’s a tendency for fans to feel like they’re owed explanations and concrete timelines for projects by their favorite artists. The latest musician to feel the heat from her own fans is Sky Ferreira. Her last album, the great Night Time, My Time, isn’t even three years old. She has already revealed she’s working on the follow-up. In pre-social media times, that is a completely reasonable timeline. But apparently she’s still getting hounded by fans about supposed “delays” with the project, even after explaining how her process works and why she won’t rush it, to the point where she felt the need to speak out again, this time on Twitter.

Last night (March 20), Ferreira started off by posting, “I never gave a date on my album. Therefore there’s no ‘delay,'” before asking people to stop bullying her online about sophomore set Masochism.

See her tweets below and then let the woman do her job, k?