Demi Lovato Would Like Fans To Stop Yelling Abuse At Her

Mike Wass | March 23, 2016 3:43 pm
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Demi Lovato mixes it up with varying results on new album 'Confident.'

Demi Lovato would like fans to stop yelling abuse at her. “I try my hardest to stop for as many fans as I possibly can before it gets too hectic or crazy,” the Confident diva began an open letter, which she posted on Twitter. “No matter how long I’ve been doing this, sometimes the madness with the yelling and pushing becomes overwhelming and to avoid either people getting hurt or having more anxiety, I go inside hoping my fans will understand.”

“Today I had 2 instances where I had rude things yelled at me because I didn’t stop for every single person,” the “Stone Cold” hitmaker continued. “When stuff like that happens it actually really sucks. It’s not ok and just remember, I’m used to getting hate but I’m human too. So please… take your negativity else where.” Lovatics took a long, hard look at themselves and soon got “Demi We Love You” trending. Which brightened Demi’s mood no end. “See?!! My fans are the BEST in the WORLD!! I LOVE MY LOVATICS SO MUCH!!!” See her tweets below.

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