Iggy Azalea Addresses Beefs With Macklemore, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj On ‘WWHL’: Watch

Robbie Daw | March 24, 2016 1:37 pm

Andy Cohen had Iggy Azalea in the Watch What Happens Live hot seat last night, and naturally he wanted the “Team” singer to spill all possible tea on some of her supposed beefs with her pop peers. To be honest, the rapstress played it pretty cool and kept the tone light while answering all of Andy’s questions.

For instance, she had the following to say about Macklemore name-checking her in This Unruly Mess I’ve Made single “White Privilege II”: “I read his interview and he was like, ‘I should have called’. You should have and you still didn’t, so what’s up with that?”

Iggy acknowledged that Macklemore didn’t intend the song as a diss, but she added that, had he forewarned her of her name mention, “at least I would have been prepared when the headlines came out — like, ‘Alright, I know what it is’.”

As for Iggy’s “Pretty Girls” collaborator Britney Spears, she said, “We’re cool. We always have been. We never had a fight.” She did acknowledge that she’d rather see Jennifer Lopez live in Las Vegas than Britney Spears. “I like both, but I’d probably go to JLo’s [show].”

See? Pretty tame. Want more?  Her relationship with T.I.: “Still good! Also still fine.”

One eyebrow-raising moment came in another segment of the Bravo show (watch above), when the subject of Nicki Minaj criticizing Iggy’s songwriting came up: “I have just as many people on my writing credits as she has on hers. I know I write mine, and if she writes hers, I believe her too. But you can’t look at the credits and be like, ‘Oh look at this massive difference!’ It’s the same number of people on both.”

There you go: Beef scorecard updated and put to bed.

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