Meghan Trainor Is In Full Flaunt Mode On “Watch Me Do”: Listen

Carl Williott | March 25, 2016 9:51 am

Meghan Trainor doubles down on the swag and Y2K pop&B bent of “NO” with follow-up “Watch Me Do.” She channeled Britney and Destiny’s Child on that lead single, and this one feels like the sort of thing Pharrell might’ve helmed in the early aughts.

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“I’m the shhh, be quiet / I been on a no-hater diet” she starts off, and it only gets more brash from there, as she preens over a syncopated synth-horn-snare beat. These two new singles now mark the reckoning for anyone who was doubting Trainor or hoping she’d fade quietly into pop listicles past.

“Watch Me Do” is off Thank You, out May 13. Hear it below.