Kanye West & Rihanna’s “Famous” Will Be The First Single Off ‘The Life Of Pablo’

Carl Williott | March 25, 2016 10:44 am

UPDATE (3/28/16): “Famous” is now streaming on Spotify & Apple Music, so all you Tidal holdouts can hear it below.

Kanye West‘s The Life Of Pablo may or may not be officially finished, and as of now it’s only on Tidal and likely won’t see a physical release. But it is getting an official single. Hot New Hip Hop has confirmed that Def Jam is pushing Rihanna collab “Famous” to radio stations starting March 28.

This is the logical move. If you’re picking a first single from the confounding collection, it’s either gotta be this track or The Weeknd collab “FML.” Rihanna’s got some chart momentum going, the song has that controversial Taylor Swift line and the beat is one of the most straightforward hip-hop beats West has worked with in a while. And it’s a much more expected sound than their last collab, “FourFiveSeconds.” Together, these things could potentially outweigh any Kanye exhaustion the masses are feeling and give the single a decent commercial life.

Back in 2013, West famously said he wouldn’t release any singles from Yeezus, but ultimately put out a video for “Black Skinhead” followed by “Bound 2.”