Flo Rida Goes Country In “Who’s With Me”: Listen

Christina Lee | March 25, 2016 12:44 pm
MAGIC!'s Back!
They return with "Lay You Down Easy" and, fittingly, a Sean Paul-featuring video.

Flo Rida‘s latest doesn’t have him spinning “Right Round.” Instead, he heads straight for the nearest honky-tonk — as in his new single “Who’s With Me,” released March 24, has him going country.

For the first minute or so he is barely recognizable as he (or maybe someone else, we’re still not sure) sings low to a banjo melody, even once a drum machine snare kicks in. It isn’t until he starts rapping about catching an Uber for a Weekend At Bernie’s-style bender, and maybe inviting your friend as well, that “Who’s With Me” starts to makes sense: Flo Rida will hang out anywhere, just as long as it feels like spring break again.

While he could be partly be inspired by past collaborators Pitbull and Kesha‘s “Timber,” Flo Rida goes at a slower pace than that; in fact, “Who’s With Me” is just fast enough for an easygoing drive down some winding road, if not a square dance.

Listen to Flo Rida’s “Who’s With Me” below.

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