Rihanna Drops Official Video For Drake’s ‘ANTI’ Tour Cameo: Watch

Christina Lee | March 28, 2016 11:14 am
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Rihanna‘s chemistry with Drake seemed undeniable in her “Work” video. During the second half, she stands across the room from him, dancing until he gets up off that couch because he can’t take watching from afar anymore. They picked up from where they left in videos past, like old flames.

The official video for Drake’s ANTI World Tour cameo in Miami, released today (March 28), tells a different story. Once again, Rihanna grinds on him for “Work.” But about halfway through, when she catches his scrunched up face from trying to keep up, her eyes widen as she laughs nervously, as if suddenly he is starting to scare her a little. Meanwhile Drake seemed oblivious. While flashing his Cheshire Cat grin to the crowd at AmericanAirlines Arena, he seemed totally happy to be there, while Rihanna acted a bit embarrassed.

Drake also got Rihanna’s audience and backing band hyped when he performed What a Time to Be Alive‘s “Jumpman.” Watch the entirety of his ANTI World Tour cameo below.

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