Things Nobody Asked For: Adele’s “Hello” Flipped By Infamous Miami Rapper Stitches

Carl Williott | March 28, 2016 11:55 am

Hip-hop has an odd fascination with Adele. She was sampled on a Tyga song, once upon a time she was slated to appear on a Wiz Khalifa album and Pusha T wants to collaborate with her. Hip-hop also has an odd fascination with Miami rapper Stitches. He experienced viral fame thanks to the deeply ridiculous “Brick In Yo Face” in 2014, which introduced the world to his preposterous face tats. He then faded back into the meme graveyard, only to reemerge after getting KO’d by The Game‘s manager.

And now these two peripheral hip-hop forces unite, thanks to Stitches interpolating Adele’s “Hello” on “One Million Dimes,” and nobody asked for this.

Turns out Stitches is much less compelling when he’s croaking out apologies instead of barking like a cocaine rage beast! But I beg you, just make it to the hook for his howler of a “Hello” flip. Nothing was the same, etc. Gotta give it to him for sheer enterprising shamelessness, which is kind of his thing anyway.

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Check it out below, then see how it compares to Wiz’s “Hello” freestyle.