Petition Asking Mariah Carey Not To Use Baby Elephants & White Tigers In Wedding Nears 80K Signatures

Robbie Daw | March 30, 2016 12:17 pm

Perhaps we should take this with a grain of salt, but let’s indulge the idea, anyway. Back in January, it was originally reported by Australian publication Woman’s Day that Mariah Carey, newly engaged to Aussie billionaire/boyfriend of eight months James Packer, is planning a circus-themed wedding at some point that is to include no less than the following: Fireworks, a marching band, military aircraft, carnival rides, baby elephants, white tigers and — perhaps the most Mariah-esque item on the checklist — a statue of herself as a mermaid.

And just how did Woman’s Day stumble upon all this information, you might ask? A source. There’s always a source.

Whether any of this is legit or not, the mere idea of baby elephants and white tigers being used as accessories in Carey’s forthcoming nuptials was enough to motivate Care2, the same organization behind the #FreeKesha petition aimed at Sony, to begin collecting signatures from people asking Mariah not to traumatize animals for her wedding.

“Elephants and white tigers are decimated species and should be left alone and not used anymore as circus animals. Does she realize how traumatizing it will be for these baby elephants to be separated from their mothers and be shipped on a boat to her dream wedding?” writes Care2 petition author Catherine Gagnon. “If she is pouring money, why doesn’t she use it to protect elephants from ivory poachers instead of turning baby elephants into circus animals? How many will make it alive to her dream wedding, and will she pay to safely return them home after?”

An anonymous petitioner from Florida adds, “Mariah, please do not use baby elephants and white tigers in your dream wedding. The baby elephants will have to be separated from their mothers and traumatized to participate in your wedding. A donation to help protect elephants and tigers would be a kind and generous thing to do.”

The goal for the petition on Care2 (which you can see here) is to gather 80,000 signatures. So far 79,706 have supported by signing up.

Do you think Mariah will take the hint?

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