Naughty Boy Is Still Salty About Getting Kicked Off Zayn Malik’s Album

Carl Williott | March 31, 2016 10:05 am

Naughty Boy was supposed to be one of the main players on Zayn Malik‘s solo debut, but after some leaks and some fat jokes on Twitter, the two had a swift falling out and Zayn linked up with Malay instead. Which of course led to Mind Of Mine last week. But now that the album’s out, Naughty Boy has reignited the feud by calling out some of Zayn’s writing claims.

A fan on Twitter asked Malik which song he wrote first for the LP, to which he replied “Pillowtalk.” And that’s when the British producer called shenanigans. In a since-deleted tweet caught by ONTD, Naughty Boy replied to Zayn with “LOL” and an @ of the song’s co-writers MakeYouKnowLove, insinuating that Zayn didn’t write it.

Naughty Boy also threatened to leak the “original” version of “Like I Would,” which apparently was scrubbed of any Naughty Boy credits.

Zayn’s never been one to shy away from a Twitter beef, so don’t be surprised if he jumps in the fray at some point.