All Saints’ “This Is A War”: Listen To The Equality Anthem Off ‘Red Flag’

Robbie Daw | April 1, 2016 10:51 am

What can we say about the tracks we’ve heard from All Saints‘ third album, Red Flag (out April 8), that we haven’t said before? From “One Strike” to “One Woman Man,” the music has been pretty stellar. “This Is A War,” the latest preview of the ladies’ (second) comeback release, doesn’t break their stride, either.

“If I’ve gotta fight for the right to be loved and to love, this is a war / If we can’t be free, you and me, to be loved and to love, then what is this for?” the quartet asks over soaring, dramatic synths on the poignant song.

All Saints member Nicole Appleton explains in a press release, “The song is about being able to love whoever you want. Being able to marry who you want to marry and to be able to choose your own destiny regardless of what people say or think. It’s very cinematic and really emotional.”

Give “This Is A War” a listen above, and if you’re not moved, then go out and find some feelings already.

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