Is Lady Gaga’s ‘LG5’ About To Spring A Leak?

Carl Williott | April 1, 2016 11:42 am

Lady Gaga‘s been hard at work with a handful of notable collaborators on her next album, but now the LG5 era has potentially hit a snag that several high profile artists are familiar with: One of her producers’ hard drives was stolen.

According to TMZ, DJ White Shadow‘s laptop and more gear valued at $15,000 was lifted while he was, get this, attending Gaga’s 30th birthday party. To make it even more annoying, it was apparently all swiped while he was in the middle of a run-in with a photographer.

DJWS hasn’t exactly been confirmed as a collaborator on the ARTPOP follow-up, but he was apparently in the studio with Gaga after that album was released, and told fans last year she approached him about working on LG5. So if you start seeing some Gaga demos and unfinished tracks surfacing in the near future, this could be why.