M83 Explore Space Disco On “Go!” [Exclamation Point Theirs]

Carl Williott | April 4, 2016 3:07 pm

After the [wincing as I type this word] kooky “Do It, Try It” and the symphonic “Solitude,” M83‘s latest Junk track “Go!” is comparatively straightforward, and definitely the most immediate of the three offerings. But it’s still an out-there slice of sax-infused space disco.

With Morgan Kibby gone, Anthony Gonzalez brings in French singer Mai Lan for the vocals here, and he got guitar mercenary Steve Vai to contribute a searing solo.

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“We asked for the craziest space solo possible, which wasn’t hard for him,” Gonzalez said in a statement about the Vai collab. “He sent us three different takes, and we blended two to make the ultimate Steve Vai solo.”

Junk is out Friday (April 8). Hear the latest track below.