Ready Or Not: Bridgit Mendler To Relaunch With Bold New Sound

Mike Wass | April 4, 2016 6:55 pm
Bridgit Mendler Returns With "Undateable"
Bridgit Mendler sings the theme song of NBC sitcom 'Undateable.' Watch the video.

Bridgit Mendler performed new material at School Night (a weekly LA showcase of emerging talent) on February 29 and then spruced up her social media accounts with new branding in early March. It was clear that she was on the brink of a major relaunch, but it took her until yesterday to confirm it. “All I ever wanted was to make music I could be proud of,” the former Disney diva tweeted. “Thankyouthankyouthankyou it’s here.”

While the “Hurricane” hitmaker is yet to share any of her new material online, expect the unexpected. Bridgit (she now goes by her first name) has been in the studio with hitmakers du jour Julia Michaels, Jesse Shatkin and Jason Evigan, and is rumored to exploring a more credible sound. That’s certainly supported by the music she’s been listening to lately — having shared tracks by UK producer Mura Masa and Australian singer/songwriter Matt Corby on Twitter and Instagram.

The 23-year-old came to fame as the star of Disney original movie Lemonade Mouth. She soon signed a record deal with Hollywood Records and debut LP Hello My Name Is… followed in 2012. It produced the platinum-selling hit “Ready Or Not,” but a follow-up was never recorded. See Bridgit’s announcement below.

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